We are leaders coordinating maritime, air and land shipments.


In 1994 we had the idea of creating a Freight Forwarder company that would go far beyond any expectation. We needed to create a company that would serve all the needs of our clients. To cover all types of cargo, all means of transport, the whole logistic process, insurance and even more. In other words, a comprehensive service, where the importer and / or exporter could find every service that could be required in one place.

With this idea in mind Sociedad de Servicios Transnacionales was created on August 1st, 1994. Nowadays, we have great allies and agents around the world , with them we coordinate transportation in international ports, so that it is received only in the hands that we trust. In Chile we have our own facilities.

Our years of experience have nourished us to know what the market demands are, and thus be able to deliver a completely tailored customer service, in addition to being comprehensive, since we work with a nationally recognized Customs Agency (Broker), known for their excellence. Today, on top of being an accredited IATA agent, we are certified by the world's most recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard, which is ISO 9001, granted by “FCR Certifica”.


Sosertrans is a worldwide Freight Forwarder company, which is part of an international network of agents located in more than 150 countries in all 5 continents, for this reason we can also offer a service with competitive rates and first-class logistics coordination.


To be a national and international logistics services company, national leaders in shipments to and from all destinations in the world, offering comprehensive services to our clients, facilitating all foreign trade operations, delivering reliability and satisfaction over time.